27 Jun

What is the meaning of Artzindia's Logo?

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We have been receiving many mails & requests to explain Artzindia's Logo, why we opted this and what kind of message we intend to communicate? 
Ans: Logo of artzindia.com was unanimously agreed upon. It took months of brainstorming, discussions, debates and deliberations to select from final 6. Time spent was absolutely necessary in understanding the complexities involved and the need to come up with something so substantial which will be “The Identity” of the online platform. It should be able to express the "connect", Yet an identity which is self-explanatory and self-defined. Term ‘Artz India’ enunciates our intent and framework. The brown Color is opted because it represents the shades of the earth, The Use of ‘Charkha’ on top of alphabet ‘A’ stands for our commitment towards Indian crafts,craftsmen and artisans, the thread coming out of it stands for Hand-loom & Handicraft and joined with ‘Z’ means the completeness. Our attempt is to give complete solution to online Buyer's need from the world of art & craft. In ‘India’, Ashokan pillar is used as "I’" symbolizing the richness in quality of our traditional crafts and it is intentionally stylized because we at artzindia.com will not only cater to the traditional authentic appeal but also experiment with contemporary designs, an honest attempt to bring best of Fusion as well, serving the appetite of both worlds of online customers.

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