02 Jul

Unexplored Treasures!

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Traveling is lifeline for team Artzindia!

And meeting Artisans & Craftsmen are like Air to Body...! What we have realized is that Unless you are not committed enough to reach remotest corners of India you have-not seen even a bit of Talent people of this country possess! India is so Rich!!! it's traditions, art, craft, cuisines all are lying treasures to be explored...few things has happened for good but still there's so much to know, learn and evolve...At Artzindia.com we are truly rediscovering and connecting these creative corners of India.

This is a Basawan Bigha Cotton Hand-loom Saree, weaved by the once very famous artisans of Basavan Bigha village of Nalanda District, Bihar. This Saree is weaved using special technique called "Bawan-butti" or 52 dots, A method where 'Dots' are used to create desired Motifs on the Fabrics. This method which is at least 250 to 300 years old applies geometrical patterns to create desired design. The advent of power loom has very adversely affected it as on hand-loom it takes 3-5 days to make one saree. Motifs created of Dots is a pure hand work and requires special skills, where artisans have to do needle work on the fabric and it takes day & half to complete one saree. Though most of the skilled artisans have either migrated to other parts of the country in search of better earnings or have become day laborers. What's left is just few who believes that "Wheel will Turn" again and this time around in their favor!
Artzindia.com is trying to support, propagate and create awareness. Our Only Goal is to reach to maximum number of artisans who are really skilled but needs support and Market...
What we vouch for is that Every product displayed on artzindia.com is representing a particular art & craft form which is unique and is Pure & 100% authentic hand-loom and hand work.

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