13 Jul

Summer Silken Additions

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From the rural quarters of remote Katoriya Village Artzindia brings “Summer Silken Additions”, The 5 meter handwork wonders “Saris”, straight from the homes of exceptionally skilled weavers and artisans, showcasing world class craftsmanship. Threads were never so complete!

Saris are made in every household on hand-looms which takes 27 days of intense hard work and labor to complete One Piece. Cocoons are kept under hot steam for 15 days, then it takes 2-5 days to pull out Filaments to make thread, Thread making requires special technique and skill, women of the family on their ‘Thighs’ twists and turns 3 filaments together to create One thread, this is very peculiar methodology applied in the area.

Katoriya village is part of Banka district of Bihar, which is home to 1500-1800 hand-loom weavers, of which only 300-400 artisans are working full time, rest are forced to engage in other earning activities to sustain and survive. Katoriya is the actual abode of Pure hand-loom Tussar Silk.

Bhagalpur has witnessed dramatic changes of methods and uses, Fabrics are made on power looms and threads are mixed and impure. Traders have destroyed the local skill, they exploits and controls the entire market. Result is, Purity has taken back seat and adulterated and impure fabrics have filled the market and selling at any cost.

Artzindia’s endeavor is to give recognition where it is due. No idle talking, Only persistent search and consistent effort to get PURE, Authentic Hand-loom handwork.

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