22 Jul

A House of Artistic Wonder

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Madhubani painting is not only the art of painting but has ancient tradition and culture carried by folklore women of Mithila (Madhubani District) in anticipation of expressing themselves with beautiful colors and motifs around their home, where the drawing starts following the day to day happening and occasions of life. Marriage is one such occasion where a girl (bride) who comes as a Lakshmi to her in laws place with memories of her maternal side with huge wooden box and many belongings made by her, her mother and grandmother, filled with Madhubani art forms on quilts, bags, bed-sheets, curtains etc. She is wholeheartedly welcomed by the folklore women at her in laws with beautiful Madhubani paintings in 'Kohabara Ghara'(in her bedroom) where Madhuabni paintings of Radha Krishna motifs symbolizing purity and affection, in different romantic forms, inspiring couples to engage themselves to form a romantic marriage life, expression of love is visible to the bride ones she enters the roomb- Who says rural heart don't carry the beauty of romance, it does and we can see here in these pictures.
We enjoyed watching all these paintings showed by welcoming daughter in law of Maha Sundri Devi Ji and we are glad to mention that this home belongs to legendary Maha Sundri Devi, the renowned artist who received Many National awards in addition to 'Padma Sri' for her absolutely beautiful works and making Madhubani Paintings more Profound.

Few books even mention that study of Bana harsha Charita, Kohabara ghara of Graha varma (brother in law of Harsha) figure of God’s were painted by the women. Bana says that on the gate of outer Vasagraha (inner apartment of Grahavarma) the figure of Kamadeva and his consort rati and Priti were painted. Motifs idea of sexual enjoyment, concept of love, union, youth and desire symbolizes (Kama).
It is also said that "Vaidehi Sita" daughter of legendary king Janak was first exponent of this form of paintings who took this art to Kaushal kingdom after her marriage to "Lord Rama"

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