05 Nov

Our Prices are Better than Discounts!

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It may appear little Flashy as if some organization is trying to build a Tag Line and want instant Hit, Instant recognition! Questions can be asked as to how? On What basis? How can one compare? What are the parameters? What’s the motive? And on top Why to let people know the Actual Cost, why ruining the business???

Artzindia.com is in a process to change, evolve and better market ready. In last 10 months since its official launch we had to go through many difficulties, had to face challenges as expected and see bottom of the core! There were moments when Doubts overwhelmed and Way forward appeared hazy. But what a fascinating journey it has been and Fortunately we endeavored into something which is more than a tool of minting money or raising Money! A work which has all the traits of a Business yet in totality it wasn’t!

Reason to create Art & craft related product selling online platform Artzindia.com was little better noble. It was to disrupt the very cardinal issue of over pricing, The As-I-ask pricing, You-can’t-value-the art notion, and its subjectivity! It was to throw middle men out of the scene and establish Connect between the actual end producers i.e. Artisans & Craftsmen and Mass buyers also called as Middle class of India.

Parity was needed so was the objectivity! It must benefit both end of the spectrum. It can’t just be Flavour of the High & Mighty with deep pockets when Artisans & craftsmen are still fighting to get their due share. They are used, blackmailed, cheated and on top Under Paid, Their product though fetching exorbitant prices, their effort was undermined and undervalued! An Irony needed someone to hit hard and Change the game for better and forever!

As per the study conducted by NCAER in 2016 India has 267 million strong middle class whose income is between 2.5 lac to 10 lac per annum. This is a Huge number! In almost all the industry whether its consumer, FMCG or even services this Middle class is playing the role of engine! The sheer number is so big that it is ever expanding.

Artzindia.com is a step to bridge this Gap. Art deserves to reach Mass! Craft needs new life new buyers!

Coming back to the questions raised in the beginning on How, Why & What, Its very simple Use math, calculate the total cost and reach the pricing. Which means one must know the cost of the Raw material, Labour cost, Man hours involved, Transportation, Processing, Packaging, Photography, Logistics and Waste Plus the markup which in other’s case is not less than 200-300 %!!! So is the price so High!!! And certainly prices can be compared, just a hint - same raw material used Product with lesser quality which is available on our site and others has the price difference in few cases up to Rs. 8000 – 15000 !!!

And what’s our motive to Divulge the sacred Secrets? Well as mentioned above reasons being Obvious and Only Due to that “OUR PRICES are BETTER Than DISCOUNTS”

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