28 Nov

If You are The Better Half and Loves to talk & Influence around, Artzindia has an opportunity waiting for You !

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If You are The Better Half and Loves to talk & Influence around, Artzindia has an opportunity waiting for You !

Introducing Artzindia Angels !!!


Exactly after a year since Artzindia.com’s inception/becoming we are Proud to Introduce Artzindia Angels. An opportunity for our female friends to create parallel source of income in the course of doing absolutely nothing, All You need is to do Your favorite work, Talk/Chat/Have fun.  Inspiration is ‘From You, For You’! It’s a method which can also bring financial security & independence to those women who are not moving outside to earn but feels to break the shackles of dependence. It may also help those who are very good at Socializing and PR.

It was during one of our marathon meetings when this idea of Artzindia Angels came. It’s a tested formula applied before by many corporate strategists and is absolutely apt for us, which with small changes and improvements can be a game changer.

Artzindia.com will select 5 Angels from each city of India from the list of shortlisted few. Their profiles will be thoroughly evaluated. Factors determining their selection will be their reach, connect, contacts, willingness, their ease in reaching out to people and ability to influence the buying preferences of other fellow females.

We intend to create chain of Angels in cities, Societies, high rise buildings, Residential colonies whose job will be to do One to One marketing, branding & taking orders with tailor made exclusive offers created just for them. Their responsibility includes regular updates, contacts and feedbacks and also can be Artzindia’s one point solution mechanism which is Human! Allowing our customers and Angel’s connects/contacts to interact freely. Their complaints, suggestions – feedbacks – advice can be received by our Angels who will specially be helped and trained to become Human interface/solution provider. It can also help our logistic team to deliver properly at requested destinations. In case of returns as well they can be perfect guide an ‘Angel’.

Interested people are requested to mail their self-explanatory profile to info@artzindia.com ! It must not be spread in less than two pages explaining Why & How YOU are the Angel. Details will be shared with exclusive few who will qualify, as to how the model will work.

There are enough hints above to take inspiration from, You are not expected to be an expert in anything But You must understand what we are looking for…!


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