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28 Nov

If You are The Better Half and Loves to talk & Influence around, Artzindia has an opportunity waiting for You !

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 851

If You are The Better Half and Loves to talk & Influence around, Artzindia has an opportunity waiting for You !We intend to create chain of Angels in cities, Societies, high rise buildings, Residential colonies whose job will be to do One to One marketing, branding & taking orders with tailor made exclusive offers created just for them. Their responsibility includes regular updates, contacts and feedbacks and also can be Artzindia’s one point solution mechanism which is Human! Allowing our customers and Angel’s connects/contacts to interact freely. Their complaints, suggestions – feedbacks – advice can be received by our Angels who will specially be helped and trained to become Human interface/solution provider. It can also help our logistic team to deliver properly at requested destinations. In case of returns as well they can be perfect guide an ‘Angel’.

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05 Nov

Our Prices are Better than Discounts!

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 470

Reason to create Art & craft related product selling online platform was little better noble. It was to disrupt the very cardinal issue of over pricing, The As-I-ask pricing, You-can’t-value-the art notion, and its subjectivity! It was to throw middle men out of the scene and establish Connect between the actual end producers i.e. Artisans & Craftsmen and Mass buyers also called as Middle class of India.

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22 Jul

A House of Artistic Wonder

Posted By: Vaishali seta Times Read: 651

Madhubani painting is not only the art of painting but has ancient tradition and culture carried by folklore women of Mithila (Madhubani District,Bihar) in anticipation of expressing themselves with beautiful colors and motifs around their home.

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13 Jul

Summer Silken Additions

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 595

From the rural quarters of remote Katoriya Village Artzindia brings “Summer Silken Additions”, The 5 meter handwork wonders “Saris”, straight from the homes of exceptionally skilled weavers and artisans, showcasing world class craftsmanship.

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02 Jul

Unexplored Treasures!

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 511

we have realized is that Unless you are not committed enough to reach remotest corners of India you have-not seen even a bit of Talent people of this country possess! India is so Rich!!! it's traditions, art, craft, cuisines all are lying treasures to be explored...few things has happened for good but still there's so much to know, learn and evolve...At we are truly rediscovering and connecting these creative corners of India.

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