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13 Jul

Summer Silken Additions

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 595

From the rural quarters of remote Katoriya Village Artzindia brings “Summer Silken Additions”, The 5 meter handwork wonders “Saris”, straight from the homes of exceptionally skilled weavers and artisans, showcasing world class craftsmanship.

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02 Jul

Unexplored Treasures!

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 511

we have realized is that Unless you are not committed enough to reach remotest corners of India you have-not seen even a bit of Talent people of this country possess! India is so Rich!!! it's traditions, art, craft, cuisines all are lying treasures to be explored...few things has happened for good but still there's so much to know, learn and evolve...At we are truly rediscovering and connecting these creative corners of India.

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21 Jun

An Embodied Mansion

Posted By: Aditi Nandan Times Read: 305, an e-commerce portal is turning the table as to how e-commerce platforms should look at customers in India. It has set its eyes on a very specific group of buyers, those who has the fling and interest in art & craft works. A territory almost virgin, unexplored and whose potential can be huge in terms of revenue and brand value.’s plunge in this segment is a well thought out plan, a goal to discover and rediscover the “Creative Corners” of India. An attempt to identify and establish the connect between prospective online buyers and genuine craftsmen & artisans.

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