About Us

Artzindia.com’s becoming is based on the idea of discovering and rediscovering of “Creative Corners” of India. Identification and establishment of connect between the prospective online buyers and genuine craftsmen & artisans is what motivated the team Aamatya Media Info Pvt. Ltd- Promoter Company of artzindia.com- to create this online platform.

Term ‘Artz India’ expresses our intent and framework. The color brown is opted because it represents the shades of the earth( soil which gives life),  Use of ‘Charkha’ on top of alphabet ‘A’ stands for our commitment towards Indian crafts, represents handmade products, the thread coming out of it joined with ‘Z’ means the completeness. Our attempt is to give complete solution to online client’s need from the world of art & craft. In ‘India’, Ashokan pillar is used as ‘I’ symbolizing the richness in quality and Values of our traditional crafts and it is intentionally stylized because we at artzindia.com will not only cater to the traditional authentic appeal but also experiment with contemporary designs, an onus on us is to bring best in Fusion, serving the appetite of both worlds of online customers.

India is a vibrant country with innumerable varieties of customs and art & craft traditions. Each one of them is very distinct and profound. Many of them are the part of our household routines. Most of these traditional art & craft forms are dying due to negligence and less demand from market. It’s not that people don’t appreciate and buy them rather its unavailability is the prime reason for them becoming extinct! Another factor is over pricing, Middle man plays a dampener and many times craftsmen & artisans are cheated. On one hand even after fetching high prices they don’t get much in return, on another they are kept in dark about the real prices product sells at.

Artzindia.com’s endeavor is to bridge the gap, rationalize the price and to create an altogether new market where “Trust and Loyalty” are the only two guiding principles. Genuine products are made available for the online customers from across India at very reasonable prices, so that it cannot make big holes in the average medium class pocket, while artisans & craftsmen can earn better returns  for their quality but also by producing large quantities of the products.

At artzindia.com we have evolved a detailed strategy on “How to promote, propagate, help, motivate and empower” our Craftsmen & artisans. One huge challenge with ‘already established’ art forms is lack of new ideas. We at artzindia.com has a big resource pool of designers and experts who will help us in training them and preparing them for competitive global market.

So, at artzindia.com buyers will have :

Genuine and original art & craft products online in terms of ideas and concepts at very reasonable rates with quick “your asked placed delivery” which comes along with 7 day “ return and refund policy*” by finest courier carriers ably supported by artzindia.com customer service for “All the help” required.
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