Beige Collar Belt Cross fit Gichha - Tussar Silk Hand Painted Kurti

Brand: ArtzIndia
Product Code: 00008ArtzKurti
Availability: 2-3 Days

Kurti is in Beige color made from the fabric called Giccha & Tussar Silk, 100% pure silk extracted out of cocoon, Weavers from Banka district of Bihar have developed traditional weaving into an industry. Painting you find here is Fusion of Traditional Madhubani art form, specially designed keeping in mind the theme and story behind such paintings, Musical Instrument in line work is shown with fusion of trendy fashion in combination of Traditional art form. Families in and around the city and villages are into the development and production of Tussar. This Executive Wear of Tussar Silk Kurti and  Jacket is going to leave the lasting impression in your presentation. Attitude that carries your style with grace and brings Artisan's divinity of tradition and culture.

Fabric: Giccha & Tussar Silk

Designer Product: Side lock Cross pattern, with closed executive collar belt.

Color: Blood Red

Hand Painting: Madhubani Art form.

Artisan: Smita

Size Avilable: 32,34, 36, 38 S/M/L/XL

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