Tiranga Semi Circle Cane Clutch Bag

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Writs hand held stylish Tiranga dyed cane clutch bag. Has zipper with wide opening to carry for occasion with elegance. Party wear clutch bag with rich cotton khadi  or silk wear. They are handmade and crafted by local artisans from across NorthEast India. Purchasing these items have a direct impact on their lives and income.Support an artisan - buy ! is not our appeal we say if you like it... buy it! and let us know what will you like more about it we will get it done. Women artisan's of Assam are the real heroes to shape this beautiful craft into utility wear. Contemporary outlook with traditional touch.

Tip: The product is handmade, can be washed at home. Dry it in Sun or Shade, the product remains in its form. Very Durable. These Wallets are very light to carry but very sturdy and long lasting.

All handbags, purses & clutches in this category are made from locally sourced materials like, cane, water hyacinth, Assam silks like muga and paat and even straw!

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