Baluchari Black and Gold Handloom Silk Saree

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Baluchari techniques are used for weaving Cotton silk to fabricate thread in the width which creates motifs, They are in golden Zari. Traditional Baluchari Handloom Weaving is done by the Artisans of Bengal. This Saree is of Black and Gold combination with beautiful Deer & Tree Motif Zari work. Blouse is attached with the Saree.

History says, The Baluchari tradition of weaving reached its pinnacle of excellence during the reign of Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, who extended lavish patronage to the art.The motifs were entirely in silver zari and the fabric was a gorgeous affair. While the present-day Baluchari may not be as grand as its ancestor, it still has an unique appeal. So,when you grace any occasion wearing this royal piece of work, You will stand out in the crowd for sure.

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