Khadi Silk Potli Bag Suf And Khareek Kutch embroidery

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100% Kutch work by Women Artisan from Village. Batuwa Suf & Khareek work the migrated art of Kutch.


Suf is a painstaking embroidery based on the Geometrical triangles, called a "Suf." Suf is counted on the warp and weft of the cloth on a surface,a satin stitch worked from the back. Motifs are never drawn. Each artisan imagines her design, then counts it out --in reverse! Skilled work thus requires an understanding of geometry and keen eyesight. A Suf artisan displays virtuosity in detailing, filling symmetrical patterns with tiny triangles, and accent stitches.


Khaarek is a geometric style also counted and precise. In this style, the artisan works out the structure of geometric patterns with an outline of black squares, then fills in the spaces with bands of satin stitching that are worked along warp and weft from the front. Khaarek embroidery fills the entire fabric. In older khaarek work, cross stitching was also used.

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